FEBRUARY 27 2015
North American 'MASSIVE ADDICTIVE' tour this spring, full list of dates!
 The 'MASSIVE ADDICTIVE' World Tour will reach North America this spring, hot on the heels of HUGE radio chart success in the USA and Canada! Check the poster for full list of dates, and visit our "tour" section of this site for all tickets!
JANUARY 14 2015
'MASSIVE ADDICTIVE' European tour line-up completed, full list of dates!
 AMARANTHE are very proud to announce our super special guests for the European 'MASSIVE ADDICTIVE' tour; Engel! As support our awesome labelmates Santa Cruz (Official) will also join us!

Full list of dates:

10.03.2015 - Doornroosje - Nijmegen, Netherlands 
11.03.2015 - Rockfabrik - Ludwigsburg, Germany
13.03.2015 - Grünspan - Hamburg, Germany
14.03.2015 - Zeche - Bochum, Germany
15.03.2015 - Biebob - Vosselaar, Belgium
17.03.2015 - O2 Academy Islington - London, United Kingdom
18.03.2015 - Warehouse 23 - Wakefield, UK
19.03.2015 - ABC2 - Glasgow, United Kingdom
20.03.2015 - Academy 3 - Manchester, UK
21.03.2015 - Rescue Rooms - Nottingham, United Kingdom
22.03.2015 - The Marble Factory - Bristol, United Kingdom
24.03.2015 - La Machine - Paris, France
25.03.2015 - Le Marche Gare - Lyon, France
27.03.2015 - Rock Star - Bilbao, Spain
28.03.2015 - Copernico - Madrid, Spain
29.03.2015 - Razzmatazz 2 - Barcelona, Spain
31.03.2015 - Z7 - Pratteln, Switzerland
01.04.2015 - Backstage - Munich, Germany
02.04.2015 - Live Club - Milano, Italy
03.04.2015 - Explosiv - Graz, Austria
04.04.2015 - Szene - Vienna, Austria
05.04.2015 - Club 202 - Budapest, Hungary
08.04.2015 - Fabryka - Krakow, Poland
09.04.2015 - Proxima - Warszaw, Poland
JANUARY 6 2015
AMARANTHE's 2014 recap!
 Hey all!

AMARANTHE usually look in one direction only - forward. But, as a tradition, once a year I, Olof, write this chronicle to get a small overview of what has transpired the last 12 months.
It has indeed been a fantastic year for AMARANTHE, with a colossal journey around the world, a new album release, a new singer, and of course - meeting so many lovely new AMARANTHE fans!
As usual, once you start to pick the year apart it becomes quite overwhelming.
Words say much and so do pictures, but before we start, let's create a general overview in naked figures:

1 album release
1 single release
6 album chart positions around the world
#1 on Billboard heatseekers charts in USA
#1 on the rock album charts in Sweden
#1 on the alternative charts in Finland, and
#6 on the official Finnish album charts
#2 on the international Japanese album charts
20 million ca streams on Spotify
20 million ca streams on YouTube
ca 80 shows around the world 
ca 200 days of traveling
3 months spent recording 'MASSIVE ADDICTIVE'

So how did the year start? Well, it started (apart from a couple of Swedish warm-up shows) with something of a tradition of ours - in Finland! 


We kicked off things in style and had the pleasure of returning to the first venue, Nosturi, we played in Helsinki, when we also first met our future label, Spinefarm. Nostalgic - but the stage and the whole audience area had shrunk noticably! A side effect of being spoiled I guess. We also had the pleasure of returning to old hunting grounds in Turku.

Another tradition of ours is the Bandit Rock awards, where we were nominated for a whole bunch of categories, but a couple of small bands such as In Flames happened to be nominated in the same categories. Oh well, we'll get them this year! At least Elize picked up and awards as role model of the year! 

For those about to jump!

Another warm up show in Sweden, and we were ready to hit the road for our very own INVINCIBLE tour 2014, along with our friends in Deals Death and Smash into Pieces! Our second tour in support of "The Nexus" album, and our very first headline tour in Europe! You are always slightly nervous when you are headlining new territories for the first time, and we weren't at all sure what to expect! 

Look there's lots of people yay!

The tour turned out to be a resounding success, with nearly all places packed close to capacity! Lots of familiar venues that we have played before with pretty big main acts, so it was an honour for us to take the stage as a headliner. Our friends in the support bands made sure they were warm every night! Thanks to all of you European AMARANTHE fans, see you this spring! 

Europe is pretty! The continent, not the band. Here; Prague

A special honour for us was returning to the UK and London after almost 2 years of absence, and we also got to perform a bit further north for the first time; Nottingham and Wolverhampton. London was a bit extra magical, but you others were not far behind - see you in the spring too!

We'll be back soon Europe!

No rest for the wicked! While on tour in Europe we finished up the last new songs, so we could enter the studio pretty much directly, to record our new album - 'MASSIVE ADDICTIVE'! Once again we emigrated to Denmark, and Jacob Hansen's studio, but this time around we had good weather in a beautiful medieval city instead of complete isolation in the frozen tundra, like the last couple of times. 

Jacob is excited and ready to go!

We enjoyed a pretty smooth recording, and the days passed on slowly as our new little baby started to take shape - speaking of;

"Don't worry Olof, I've got this"

The hours in the studio are often long, and sometimes endless. But a few days now and then we had the opportunity to get away from the studio for a bit, and among other things we got to visit one of the most epic beaches we have seen!

No caption needed!

In the end, everything fell into place magnificently, and we are still extremely proud of the results of recording 'MASSIVE ADDICTIVE'! Easily our smoothest and best album recording experience so far. But at this point, it was time to exit the studio for some festivals and a pretty big show in Sweden!

Thank you Jacob!!

We kicked off the festival season at the Swedish Metalallsvenskan, followed by additional festival shows in Croatia, Finland, Estonia and a bunch of other places. Right in the middle of the summer we also had one of our biggest shows of 2014 - opening for Avenged Sevenfold at Scandinavium arena, right here in our hometown of Gothenburg! It was a dream come true to play this venue with AMARANTHE, and as you can see a bunch of people showed up! 


Continuing on our path for domination in Sweden, we hooked up with the SABATON guys, and kicked of a shorter tour around the country, playing a bunch of new cities in our home town. A truly great experience, both on and off stage! 

Not sure if all these people are and actual audience, or if they are laying siege to the fort just next to us??

Sticking to usual AMARANTHE tradition, our first single from 'MASSIVE ADDICTIVE', Drop Dead Cynical, needed a spanking and epic new video to it. MMA fighters, cheerleaders, lots and lots of fire, and the direction of Patric Ullaeus ensures that we could not go wrong.

Johan is part time violent.

After some more festivals in Slovakia, Finland, Czech republic and so on, we had the pleasure to play in Norway for the first time in years - a sold out show in Oslo and a manical crowd in Bryne ensured that AMARANTHE will return shortly!

Around here most people would probably have opted for a vacation - we opted for TWO full US tours, with a stop in Mexico and Japan! A MASSIVE adventure to kick of a Massive album!


We had the absolute honour of joining Within Temptation on their USA tour, which started of in San Fransisco and ended up in Boston! WT had not perfomed in the US for quite some time, and there was a lot of buzz and excitement around that tour indeed. We had a bunch of highlights, maybe most of all Montreal! Expect us to be back very soon.

Two bands on stage in a haunted house; WIthin Temptation and Amaranthe at the Palladium, Worcester (Boston)

Next up was Japan, and the mighty LOOUDPARK! Since we had performed there in 2011, we had a hunch what to expect - absolute epicness, and thousands upon thousands of Japanese fans! It was an unforgetable experience, and you Japanese fans can of course expect us back very soon.

Here we come JAPAN!

An AMARANTHE first awaited us this time - Mexico! We had heard the stories and rumours of the excitement of the crowd over there, and we were NOT disappointed! Truly one of the more passionate audiences this year. Thanks to our friend Jorge, a few of us also got to visit one of the greatest pyramid complexes in the world; Teotihuacan!

AMARANTHE goes Indiana Jones!

Quite simultaneously as our second US tour leg, it was time for our album release, finally! Early in the tour we were greeted by the fantastic news, that we had hit the no. 1 spot on Billboard's Heatseeker's charts, which of course meant cake and champagne!

The cake is absolutely not a lie!

Ending our American adventure was a shorter headline tour in the south and southwest, starting in Dallas and ending in Atlanta. Our first time there as well, and we were greeted very warmly by you southernerns, thanks a million for that. 

The Dallas show was Batman-approved.

Following such an epic journey, we went to Czech republic for a third time this year, and not one time too much - Winter's Masters of Rock was a real treat! We also played a couple of headline shows in Sweden shortly after, making a triumphant return to Henrik's hometown of Stockholm! 

Something like a Christmas dinner  backstage in Örnsköldsvik

Now, only two shows remained - St. Petersburg and Moscow! Anyone who attended the shows know they were absolute nuts, in all the right ways! St. Petersburg was my (Olof's) birthday, which ended up with a lot of cake on stage and some lovely singing, and we even had a flash mob appearing with the lyrics to Amaranthine. Wow! Moscow was a notch even crazier, and it did certainly not disappoint as the LAST SHOW OF THE YEAR!

The cake is DEFINITELY not a lie! Neither is Jake's hat.

And that pretty much wraps up this chronicle of 2014! THANK YOU so very much for a great year, and see you all THIS year - 2015!

/Olof, on behalf of AMARANTHE
OCTOBER 21 2014
'MASSIVE ADDICTIVE' out now worldwide!
 'MASSIVE ADDICTIVE' is now out worldwide, get it at the following stores;

Amazon (US)

iTunes (US)

Ginza (Sweden)

iTunes (Sweden)

Recordshop X (Internationally)
New single 'Drop Dead Cynical' out now!
 The first single from the third album MASSIVE ADDICTIVE is out now!

Commented guitarist Olof Mörck: “The first piece of music to be released from ‘Massive Addictive’ is a very representative track. ‘Drop Dead Cynical’ is as massive as it is addictive. This ultra groovy song is a markedly different first single compared to classical Amaranthe single choices, and it takes our trademark sound in fresh and exciting new directions! Top that off with an anthemic chorus, and the result is what I consider one of the absolutely strongest Amaranthe songs ever!”
'MASSIVE ADDICTIVE' is out on Oct 15th (Japan), Oct 17th (Europe), Oct 20th (UK), Oct 21st (USA), 

For merch and music bundles: http://po.st/AmMaD2C

Recordshop Äx: http://bit.ly/WCZv0R
iTunes: http://po.st/AmMAiT
CD Amazon: http://po.st/AmCdMa
Vinyl Amazon: http://po.st/AmMAVin
Google: http://bit.ly/1uu3DNd
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1lSJgcp
Deezer: http://bit.ly/1tq2R1U
AUGUST 6 2014
AMARANTHE to release MASSIVE ADDICTIVE; new album on October 21!

AMARANTHE to release MASSIVE ADDICTIVE; new album on October 21!
Full press release and track list below!

(New York, NY)
: Gothenburg, Sweden's AMARANTHE, known for fusing melodic metal with elements of EDM, will release their third album MASSIVE ADDICTIVE viaSpinefarm Records on October 21. 

is true to its title. The band's signature, larger-than-life sound, comprised of kinetic riffing, pulsating beats and celestial, melodic choruses, remains in tact, but the album finds AMARANTHE continuing to explore a range of dynamics and with a willingness to push themselves even further.

The songs that populate MASSIVE ADDICTIVE are so incredibly catchy that they will take up residency in your brain for hours after you've turned the music off and you will find yourself humming the melodies or singing the choruses long after you've stopped listening to them. MASSIVE ADDICTIVE is that memorably and that catchy.

was tracked at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark with the sound sorcerer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Epica) at the helm. 

The 12-song album is a flawlessly executed clinic of masterfully and carefully crafted European metal, boasting Olof Mörck's surgically precise riffs and soaring solos alongside Morten Løwe Sørensen's rhythmic thrust and Johan Andreassen's booming low-frequency assault. Elize Ryd's vocals are as emotive and empowering as ever, filling the room, while Jake E's melodic vocals are an outpouring of power. New screamer Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson puts his stamp on the material, as well.

The sound is both massive and addictive, from the unforgettable, driving sounds of "Drop Dead Cynical" to the anthemic title track to the stadium-sized soar of "Digital World" to the emotionally haunting power semi-ballad "True." MASSIVE ADDICTIVEis an exercise in dynamics and is one that refuses to play by any sort of genre-specific, prescribed rules.

"We have lived and breathed this album every hour and every day the last year, and to know that this music is about to reach everyone's ears is beyond exciting," guitarist Mörck enthused about MASSIVE ADDICTIVE. "Following the first leg of The Nexus World Tour, we sat down and agreed that we wanted the next album to be really fresh, new and even to raise a few eyebrows, all while retaining our signature sound."

He continued, "MASSIVE ADDICTIVE is in every way that huge leap forward we wanted to achieve and the album definitely contain our strongest song writing to date. The press often asks us to 'describe the album with three words'; this time, the answer is simple - it's MASSIVE, it's ADDICTIVE, and most importantly, it's AMARANTHE!"

Track Listing

1. "Dynamite"
2. "Drop Dead Cynical"
3. "Trinity"
4. "Massive Addictive"
5. "Digital World"
6. "True"
7. "Unreal"
8. "Over and Done"
9. "Danger Zone"
10. "Skyline"
11. "An Ordinary Abnormality"
12. "Exhale"

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06.08.2015 - Leyendas del Rock festival - Villena (Alicante), Spain - TICKETS
29.08.2015 - Falkenbergsrocken - Falkenberg, Sweden - TICKETS
26.09.2015 - Scandinavian Metal Festival - Helsinki, Finland - TICKETS
02.10.2015 - Vulkan Arena - Oslo, Norway - TICKETS

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